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"AmoFia" means "I LOVE FIA"

It was just a normal product created for our daughter who is suffering from different food & skin allergies, dermatitis & eczema problems.

Hours/nights of research plus the knowledge we got from running a skin care factory and a registered nurse mom, it took a year and half for us to finally develope what we think is the best formula for her.  Watching her grow happily is definitely one of the best moments we have ever had in our lives.

At the suggestion of our friends, now we began to share all of our self-inventions here.

"AmoFia" is the testimony from a father and a mother on their next generation with unconditional love and effort. We hope through 'AmoFia' we are able to help you soothe all kinds of skin problems.


What is the meaning of AmoFia & how to pronounce it?


AmoFia, pronounce as (Ā mò) Fia, an Italian reading that means I love. Fia is the name of our daughter; therefore, AmoFia means I love Fia.

Fia was the reason why we had to create this product so it only makes sense to name after her. At any situation, I think parents would do anything for their child, so that is how we came up with the name.



The trade mark on the product is ?


The trademark is a portrait of our daughter, as we remember, lots of the old brands also uses their own portrait as a sign of sincerity, the “I dare to say this is the best product we have put our heart into” promise. Amofia exactly wants to share the same. We hope that our little invention can help others for many years.



Why make your own?


When Fia was just a newborn, she was already suffering from different skin problems due to food allergies (beef, dairy and shrimp), eczema and the worst yet ingredients from different types of moisturizing cream on the market.


The allergies will make Fia become very itchy, redness and bumps will be shown on her skin, as a baby she will always scratch them, all these cause Fia to have trouble having good sleep, and blood marks always appears on all of the her clothes, pillows and bed sheet. After seeing different doctors they all share the same comment, “You need to figure out the allergen that causes her allergies” so we began the journey, 


We began to study the food, due to breast feeding, Fia’s mom started to test out all different kinds of food, we have also found that basically any MSG or flavor enhancer is a no good for Fia. After the study of food, we moved on to the ingredients that are in all moisturizing products. This is also the hardest part, as all seem to share the same basic ingredients.


Then there is this one time, our sister has sent us a bottle of organic coconut oil which was bought from Hawaii. We brought it over to the doctor making sure it was safe to use, then we did a test patch on Fia, it was the first time no redness on her skin after application, and so she also seems to be more comfortable showing signs of good mood with many laughters. The effect didn’t last long, we had to constantly apply every 20-30mins but it also let us know that maybe organic plant oil may be the key to help Fia, so we started researching different properties of natural plant oils.



AmoFia Products


Fia’s mom is a registered nurse, with a science background, so she has basic understanding of how ingredients work together while researching different scientific reports, composition and analysis, after deciding which ingredient to add into the formulation , Fia’s dad will begin to order such ingredient.


Fia’s dad is a manufacturer at a (GMPc) Factory, plus he spent most of his teenage years in the U.S therefore, he is better with communicating and ordering high grade raw materials with the people around the world. When the materials arrive, we usually apply test patch on Fia first. Throughout many test patches and adjustments, we have finally developed this organic soothing balm and organic hydrosol to soothe Fia’s problem. And Fia’s skin has been great since then.




When did we decided to begin the brand?



Well, we didn’t at first, but last year many of our friends who were also suffering from different skin problems had tried our product and told us the product actually works, they also suggest that we should push it out to the market to share in hope that can help many others. So this is where we are now.